Kaleidoscope Festival 2012

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Kaleidoscope Festival was a Multicultural Festival for local communities that has been taking place regularly between 2005 and 2012. 2013 saw change

We believe that there are many benefits that can arise from offering people in the community, who come from very many different backgrounds, the opportunity to meet and learn from one another in a relaxing atmosphere. Specifically Kaleidoscope Festival:

• Highlights and promotes community harmony and respect between people of different backgrounds by providing a friendly, relaxed and fun event for people to interact.

• Gives support towards a community where people from all ethnic backgrounds feel that they belong and who join together to celebrate a shared sense of belonging.
• Aid communication and engagement between all areas of the community, including local statutory/public and community/voluntary organizations.
• Provides an opportunity for these organizations to interact and discover more about each other and their activities.
• Offers an opportunity for people in the local community to make a positive contribution towards the festival as volunteers, exhibitors and performers.Our theme in 2012 was “Celebrating Diversity, Sport and Carnival” and we were supported by Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust, Hertfordshire County Council and the Cooperative Membership Central and Eastern. We aim for the Film Festival to have similar goals and outcomes!
Kaleidoscope Festival was the premiere summer event not only in Welwyn Hatfield but for the surrounding areas. In 2010 we attracted over 10.000 visitors each year from all over the United Kingdom.
In 2013, change happened…We have created the Kaleidoscope Hatfield Short Film Festival, a festival of films by young people, as our contribution to the Hatfield Arts and Culture Festival 2013!  The Cooperative backed the change and kindly sponsored the 2013 Film Festival.
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