Comments from participants

” Thank you for the support you have given my family, with regards to Gabriel (Mentor). There is no question that Gabriel has changed T’s outlook for the future, in a positive way. Before meeting Gabriel, T was a person who said, whats the point, now Ti is more of a yes person, more outgoing and confident with himself.”  – (Parent, June 2013)

 “I am doing better at school thanks to the I got with mentoring.” (M, 14, May 2013)

 “It helped me see things differently and helped me out. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and forthcoming sessions.”  – (S, 19, February 2013)

“I’m very happy with the sessions, which I really wanted.” – (M, 41, February 2013)

“The sessions was very helpful and I enjoyed them a lot.” (A, 13, 2009-10)

 “I feel I can express my opinions and feelings a lot more.” – (G, 16, female)

 “Mentoring has been really helpful for the pupils to have a male contact (no fathers at home). The pupils found it very easy to connect with mentors.” (C, Support Worker, April 2013)

 “I was very satisfied with the service and felt more than comfortable with my child meeting the mentor every week.” – (Parent, April 2013)

“The level of service was excellent and has help the student improve his attendance, grades and interaction with others in the classroom and with extra-curricular activities.” – (Deputy Headteacher, Secondary School, March 2013)

“I found the sessions very interesting and thought they helped a lot” – (Parent, March 2013)