Kaleidoscope watch ‘Kumiko the Treasurer Hunter’ March 2015

  • Directors, Actors, Co-writer of  Kumiko the Treasurer Hunter, Zellner Brothers has contacted Kumiko from America xoD!!         Kumiko had contacted the Direcors, Actors, Co-writer of the Treasurer Hunter, Zellner Brothers in Texas, America. They have contacted Kumiko (Kaleidoscope) to say thank you for sending them a photo of herself/Kumiko and Kumiko and the Film Poster.What’s next?Kumiko is planning to post the newspaper article to Zellner Brothers to America :-).______________________________________________________25March2015

     Moreen, Tim, Kumiko and Anna from Kaleidoscope watched ‘Kumiko, the Treasurer Hunter’ on last Thursday, 12th March!

Kumiko the Treasurer Hunter

Kumiko the Treasurer Hunter Poster with Kumiko & Moreen Kaleidoscope and Terry, Jerry and Geoff from Garden City Cinema on Thur 12th Mar 2015

Review by Kumiko



It was a most peculiar experience I ever had in my life that my name, Kumiko is in the film title. This is the first time I have come across this. Also when I read the brief story line of the film, I burst into laughter and tears for a quite long time in my office ( I now look back and I feel guilty to Kaleidoscope office and next door, CDA Herts. Apologise about that. But I could not help it :-p) xoD lol!!
Because, I could see there was much common I had with the film character Kumiko. I felt very strange feeling to watch this film. However, my manager, Moreen kindly suggested to watch the film together with me and few other people who we know on Thursday, 12th March.
We were welcomed by Garden City Managers and member of staff whilst waiting to watch film and kindly gave us the original posters of the film.
I like to believe that there are similarities of the film character and myself are 80%. I think all my friends and or people I work know what I am like & the way I am ;-)!
The film managed to project very well a typical Japanese office environment and society. I also liked the fact that they were speaking in Japanese whilst in appropriate scenes. Some of the facial expressions and body languages reminded me of myself with the Kumiko in the film, also the eccentric personality of Kumiko and projecting some quirkiness. I could see some similarities not only with situations in the office but also with the characters of the office workers and friends that I know. Over all, it was slow in the beginning of the film. However, it was produced in a very different but original way. Think the music they used was good and was a painfully sweet film :-)!


Review by Anna



In my review,  I would like to share my opinion about the film called Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, we watched with a very nice company. It was pretty interesting at the same time to watch the film with my friend called Kumiko, who works in the office with me was sitting next to me.
What I like from the film most is how the main character did show her strong personality, determination, and positive thinking to make her dream become true even if it is not exists. No matter how hard is the life and complicated the situations are but the most important thing is not to give up.

WHTimes 18th March 2015


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Kumiko the Treasurer Hunter Poster