2. Romania Meeting 8th-10th May 2013

Transnational Meeting / Training on Adult Mentoring took in Romania (8th-10th May 2013)!


 Kaleidoscope (Kate, Josie, Moreen and Jenny) and young dancers

Kaleidoscope/ UK Delegate Team and young dancers

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See here to learn basic Romanian! http://ow.ly/wMTj2

Feedback from Learners

I thought our trip to Romania was enjoyable and thought provoking, the structure of the Itinerary insured that we got to see both the best and worst of the Romania. I felt that the people of Romania are doing their best to move on from their past, whilst managing their present and preparing for a much better future. The past has left some deep rooted scars and left much of the economy underdeveloped, however I was impressed and the effort that has had been to overcome this and establish a modernised and prosperous society.  – David B

See more pictures here http://ow.ly/wMSsA

Report on evaluation 2nd meeting Alexandria


  • Basic Romanian
English Roma
Good morning! Bună dimineața!
Good day! Bună ziua!
Good Evening! Bună seara!
How are you? Ce mai faci?
Goodbye La reverder
Thank you Mulțumesc
What is your name? Care este numele tau?
My name is Corina Numele meu este Corina
What is your favourite book? Care este cartea ta preferata?
My favourite book is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen Cartea mea preferata este Pride & Prejudice de Jane Austen
I am very glad to see you Sunt foarte bucuros sa te vad
I need to make a phonecall Am nevoie pentru a face o phonecall
What is your phone number? Care este numarul tau de telefon?
How can I get to the train station? Cum pot ajunge la stația de tren?
Can you recommend me a restaurant close to my hotel? Poți să-mi recomande un restaurant aproape de hotelul meu?
Yes/No Da / Nu
I would like to introduce you to my colleague Aș dori să vă prezint pe colegul meu
How old are you? Câți ani ai?
I am 30 (thirty) years old Sunt 30 (treizeci) de ani
Do you speak English? Vorbești engleza?