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Our Between the Ears Project Finale Celebration Event was held on 24th May!


Between the Ears Project Communication Tactics was held on 23rdMay17 at Brichwood Children’s Centre

Using the sound blocker to experience how you could face a difficulty of communicating without any sounds.


Managing Your Hearing Loss 

workshop was held on Sat 6th May!

Using a hearing aid during the session to see how the hearing aid works

Working as a pair to discussing ‘How to communicate better with people who has hearing difficulty’.

Jenny, the trainer of the workshop


Deaf Awareness Communication Tactics Works Shop was held on 29th April.





Between The Ear Project was mentioned in Hertfordshire County Council Website

Improving male mental health, providing reassurance and support for people living with dementia and getting vulnerable young people into work – these are just some of the aims of 12 innovative projects which will benefit from Hertfordshire County Council funding




International Workshop Hombremundo:

Unique event for young people aged 14—17 being organised by the Focolare Movement (http://www.focolare.org/gb) taking place this July in Croatia, Serbia and Poland. Participants are coming from all over the world to take part in a ’hands on’ experience of building unity and fraternity with others of different languages, religions and cultures. During the second week they will collaborate in one of a variety of social projects in different Eastern European countries.

A group of 20 young people from Great Britain are going to this event, for the first week to Serbia and then on to Romania where they will help in the refurbishment of a school and work in a nursery.

They finding lots of inventive ways to help raise funds to cover the cost of their journeys and accommodation and some of the young people who are going to the event live in the Welwyn Garden City area are organising a Croatian evening at the Focolare Centre for Unity in Welwyn Garden City (AL8 6JG) on 1st April 2017. The event will start at 7pm with a Croatian meal followed by a presentation of the Hombremundo project and a quiz.

The suggested contribution for the evening is ÂŁ10.00.

Please come along and support this event!! It will be a great evening with good food and a lovely atmosphere.

For further information contact: Cathy Limebear 07731960267 climebear@gmail.com


ERASMUS + Innovative Quality Mentoring for Social Inclusion Project


Erasmus+ In-house Newsletter Issue:1 1st Oct 2016

erasmus-iqm-for-mentoring-project-uk-newsletter-1-october-2016-2pg1 erasmus-iqm-for-mentoring-project-uk-newsletter-1-october-2016-2pg2

We have now closed to take any more applicants 


Erasmus + Learner Mobility #4 _ Hatfield, UK, Feb17!

Day2 Visiting local Onslow St.Audrey’s School, Hatfield Photo: Onslow St.Audrey’s School on 7th Feb17




Erasmus + Learner Mobility #3 _ Bangor, Northern Ireland, January 17!

ICE BREAKER SESSION: Introduction Moreen (Project Manager), Roberta (Kilcooley Womens Centre) and Mieko (Kaleidoscope participant)

OZ Zips (Slovakia Group) at NI Learners Mobility


Erasmus + Learner Mobility #2 _ Alexandria, Romania December 16!

Moreen (Project Manager), Jelani, Sekani and Mieko at The Second Learners’ Transnational Meeting at Alexandria, Romania!


Erasmus + Learner Mobility #1 _ Spisska Nova Ves , Slovakia November 16!

Moreen (Project Manager), Jenny, Bob and David are at The first Learners’ Transnational Meeting at Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia on 12th-17th November!



Jenny Rand, Kaleidoscope Hatfield Delegate (Centre) and Tomas’ Dad and Tomas himself (OZ Zips, IQM4 Inclusion Partner)


Mobility Training Day 2_ At break _ Learner Blended Mobility Training Bob, Kaleidoscope Delegate (on the Right) with other learners


Moreen and Carlene (Kaleidoscope Trainers) at Training of Trainers (TOT) Programme, Northern Ireland September 16 !


Moreen_at the completion of training certificate presentation, Bangor, Northern Ireland, September 16


Information for Volunteer Trainee Applicants 

Kaleidoscope Erasmus+ Information for Volunteer Trainee Applicants

KEL ERASMUS+ Information BOOKLET 17Feb16

EU Project NEWS!

Moreen and Kumiko attended the 2nd Innovative Quality Mentoring (IQM) for Social Inclusion Project Staff Transnational Meeting, Alexandria, Romania 5th – 8th April 16.

20160406_101127 (2)

A local TV crew filmed us/IQM for Social Inclusion Project, Alexandria, Romania

20160406_154732 (2)

A local college students from Teleorman performing the gypsy dance


Moreen and Kumiko attended the 1st Innovative Quality Mentoring (IQM) for Social Inclusion Project Staff Transnational Meeting, Bangor, Northern Ireland Jan 16.

Photo : Kaleidoscope with Erasmus+ ‘Innovative Quality for Social Inclusion Project‘ partners (KWC, ALV, OZ Zips, ACDC and Teleorman) Photo by

Link to the Northern Ireland Government Flickr featuring our Erasmus meeting in Bangor

Link to the Northern Ireland Government Flickr featuring our Erasmus meeting in Bangor, Northern Ireland

Click here https://www.flickr.com/…/niexec…/24660200166/in/photostream/



Kaleidoscope (Moreen and Kumiko) @ 1st Transnational Meeting #1, Bangor, Northern Ireland with our new EU project, Erasmus+ Innovative Quality Mentoring for Social Inclusion partner. (Kilcooley Women’s Centre (KWC), ACDC, Teleorman, OZ ZIPs and Active Life Volunteer (ALV))

We are currently recruiting potential learners who would like to participate at this project for the training which would result in getting the EU standard of Mentoring qualification.
For more information and apply for this position, please contact us on email : Volunteers@kaleidoscopeenterprise.org.uk


Kaleidoscope, Hatfield-based organisation has won fiercely contested Erasmus+ (EU) funding to support work with socially disadvantaged people


Kaleidoscope staff and volunteers with Richard Howitt, MEP (centre) and European third sector colleagues – Hatfield 2013

Kaleidoscope Enterprise, in partnership with 5 other European Union organisations has been successful for the third year running in securing European Union (EU) funding this time through the Erasmus+ programme. The organisation is best known for organising the popular annual Kaleidoscope festival in Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City which aimed to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and to promote social cohesion. In 2012, the highly challenging financial environment for charities forced the suspension of the festival and in its place the charity has developed other activity to achieve its aims around social cohesion, diversity and equality of opportunity for all.
The “Innovative Quality Mentoring for Social Inclusion” project will help Kaleidoscope achieve its aims by “offering lifelong learning benefits to poorly educated and low skilled people in the Hertfordshire community by developing community mentors to work with them. Transnational meetings/trainings will develop mentors’ competences to deal with diversified groups of learners, making use of new technologies and teaching outcomes.”

Between 2013 and 2015, Kaleidoscope involved over 100 members of the local UK community in learning exchange meetings and receptions with foreign charities and institutions. These organisations worked with adults with mental and physical disabilities, young mothers, homeless women and children, the rural poor and Roma gypsy communities. The success of these international adult learning initiatives led to the creation of the new Erasmus+ strategic project “Innovative Quality Mentoring for Social Inclusion”
The project will also contribute to improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities to individual mentors including through innovative ways to outreach.
Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) programme for education, training, youth and sport, with the EU committing £12 billion to the programme between 2014 and 2020. In the UK, the programme is managed by the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.
By 2020 it is expected that over 800,000 education and training staff and youth workers will teach or train abroad across Europe with Erasmus+. Projects provide opportunities for learners and staff to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness. Erasmus+ aims to offer long lasting benefits to both the participants and the organisations involved.

Erasmus+ enables adult education organisations to provide teaching and training assignments abroad for staff, to exchange modern European adult education practices and supports professional development opportunities.
Moreen Pascal, EU Project Manager for Kaleidoscope Enterprise said: “We are honoured to promote this unique opportunity to local people who want to make a difference to others who are less privileged while also equipping themselves with an exciting qualification and new knowledge and skills,”
“We hope that stakeholders at the regional, county and local level will recognise the unique nature of this opportunity and get behind us as local councillors Maureen Cook, Michal Siewniak and Lynne Sparks and MEP Richard Howitt did in the previous projects.”
Between March 2016 and March 2017, Kaleidoscope will be recruiting UK volunteers to be trained both in Hatfield and abroad in joint programmes as European Union accredited community mentors and welcomes applications NOW!
email:volunteers@kaleidoscopeenterprise.org.uk / Follow us on twitter: @CommunityMentor

2. European Union Erasmus+ programme, www.erasmusplus.org.uk

Press Release from Kaleidoscope


Erasmus+ Innovative Quality Mentoring (IQM) for Social Inclusion Project!
1.  We are delighted to inform you that  the projects Kaleidoscope (Staff and Mentors/Hatfield, UK delegates) participated in were both positively evaluated by the National Agency. Thank you for contributing to the success of the projects :-D!!.
2.  The second piece of news is that the Community Mentoring for Social Inclusion Partnership which was led by Kaleidoscope and included partners from Northern Ireland, Turkey, Romania (2) and Slovakia have been successful in a new project bid under the Erasmus+ funding with Northern Ireland as the lead partners.  We are delighted as only 1 in less than 3 UK Erasmus+ application are successful.  The new project still features mentoring but will see each partner training upto 20 mentors to a shared EU accredited standard and training meetings will begin in October through to March.from October share across countries.

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Our recent launch of the new IQM Erasmus+ project was publicized by the lead coodinating organisation, (Kilcooley Women’s Centre), Northern Ireland, UK ‘s local news paper, County Down Spectator on 24th December2015


Grundtvig Project

logos and thread banner

Previous activities include coordinating and developing our two European Union (EU)  Partnership Projects (Come 4 Social Inclusion and Reintegration of School Age Mothers Into the Education System) officially came to an end of 31st July 2015, it’s our pleasure to announce however, that the previous partnership on Community Mentoring for Social Inclusion will continue to work together under the Erasmus+ programme !

End of EU Projects Celebration Event 30th July 2015

End of EU Projects Celebration Event 30thJuly15 with Former Mayor of Hatfield, Howard Morgan. EU Projects Learners,Staff and Directors

End of EU Projects Celebration Event was held on 30thJuly15 (with Former Mayor of Hatfield,Cllr. Howard Morgan & Cllr. Michal Siewniak. EU Projects Learners, Staff and Directors)

Please see the results of the EU Projects

We hope you enjoy reading about our activities!

Project2 Newletter Year2 CM4SI Newsletter Year2









EST LogoTo subscribe EU Projects News Letters, please contact us on : Office@kaleidoscopeenterprise.org.uk


Come 4 Inclusion LogoCommunity Mentoring for Social Inclusion Partnership End of the Project Video

The 6th (Last) EU Project Meeting – Suceava, Romania Meeting May 2015 on Suceava Live TV in Romania.


Come 4 Social Inclusion Partnersat Casa de pe Deal in Saschiz, Romania

Click here to see more information about CM4SI project 🙂


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